IMPORTANT for entry to Korea

I would like to inform you that the contents below were updated on June 5th

We are continuously monitoring and reflecting policy changes related to Covid-19.
However, please check the official websites below together to prevent accidents that may occur due to delayed news.

Quarantine Information for All Travelers to Rep. of Korea

- Q-CODE system & Suspension of pre- and post-entry COVID-19 testing-(23.3.13)

[Q-CODE system (Pre-entry Quarantine system) before departure]

You will be required to complete a short Q-CODE online form before arrival (we strongly recommend using a mobile phone for the best experience, as the desktop version may ask you to download a security plug-in which is likely to be blocked by your computer network).

Q-CODE System Manual Video (click)

[Quarantine exemption for all overseas entrants]

You do not need to apply quarantine exemption certificate.

  • (Effective 8, June 2022) Quarantine exemption for all overseas entrants regardless of their vaccination history

- You can still use Q-CODE system established by the KDCA in order to shorten the time for quarantine inspection and provide the conveniences overseas entrants require upon entry to the Republic of Korea.

[Pre-/Post-entry COVID-19 testing is not required for all overseas entrants]

  • (Effective 11, March 2023) pre- or post-entry COVID-19 testing (PCRs, RATs) is not required for all overseas entrants

More details about COVID-19 click here.